08 July 2017

Hiking 101: Palm Beach and Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse

My friends and I decided to do something outdoor-sy last weekend. One of my friends and I also wanted to do a photoshoot in the area for our styling portfolio.

The weather was nice - bright (perfect for a shoot) and quite chilly (perfect time for me to hang around the beach). We had picnic at the beach for lunch. We bought our staple picnic meal - Hot Star Chicken. One of my friends cooked Bicol Express.

How to hike (Or how not to hike. Hahaha!)

1. Gather friends who are as crazy enough as you to actually hike in style.

2. Wear outfits like these people did.

3. Bring extra clothing items just in case you can't decide what to wear for your #ootd.

4. Bring a photographer friend to join you so you can have the perfect "documented evidence".

5. Two words: 'buwis buhay' - be up for it.

We really intended to take good photos at the top so we wore our fancy aka non-hiking clothes. Hence, it was kind of a struggle to walk. (Well, actually, going up was okay because there was a pathwalk but going down was intense. We took the shorter route of seemingly endless and crooked steps.) Yes, we were aware that it was not the brightest thing to do but hey, the view and the photos that my friend took were worth it anyway. :)


10 June 2017

Long Weekend

Ah, long weekend. It was nice to wake up and not think about my chores because I still have one extra day to do them. And it's cold and raining (a rainy week, actually) so I really cannot be bothered to do anything.

 photo long_weekend.jpg

Well. Except for a few things:

1. Catch up with my reading challenge. I am so behind my goal. Ack. Hopefully, I can finish 2 books this weekend. (3 books, if I am being really ambitious but let's settle for 2.)
2. Catch up with my series. This one will be tough. I watch so many series. Gee. Aiming to finish 1-2 seasons of a show. (Hello, butt sore.)
3. Something creative. I am dying to do this. You know, something visual. And artsy. Or something different to what I do on a daily basis, basically.
4. Organize. (My life? Lol.) My closet (Scary sh*t! HAHAHA!), documents that I just shoved in my "To File" and "To Do" folder on my desk for months now and my receipts for tax season next month.
5. Study/Research. Something to do with French and art.
6. Write. Write - not blog (But here I am, sitting in my white, leather executive chair and blogging). Sometimes, I feel my writing skills are off and it is something I want to get back into. I am not a brilliant "writer" but when I write, the words used to just flow out of me. These past few years though, it was not the case. I am not even inspired to write (or to even blog) anything, despite all the thoughts and ideas running through my head. Heck, even my Instagram captions are boring. No matter how cheesy or childish my 'Dear Diary' days were, I miss pouring my heart out and writing all those random thoughts away without filtering it. Expressing those raw feelings and thoughts into paper not only helped me hone my writing skills but it was also therapeutic. At the moment, however, I am using the Day One Journal app, which I mentioned in a previous entry. I was this close to purchasing a journal and a pen -- Leuchtturm 1917 in rose gold and Pigma Micron Pen 0.05, to be specific -- last night but I stopped myself. I don't want to get too excited or overwhelm myself and end up not using it. I want to take things slow and get my groove back in writing first. I've been only using the app almost a month now and so far, so good.
7. Meditate. Meditation is something I've been wanting to try. I used to think meditation was something I will never be interested in but when I grew older (a bit? Ha-ha), I realized it would be interesting to learn and to do. The world is crazy and I just want a few minutes of calmness before or after I deal with all the crazy that is happening in the world. Hence, I downloaded an app called Headspace. It's a free app (You can also access it through the website) that guides/helps you meditate, like your very own "mind personal trainer."

(And then chores in between. Of course. Duh. #adulting)

So yeah, cheers to the freakin' weekend!

28 May 2017

The Sunday Currently: Volume 4

 photo thesundaycurrently_4.jpg

R E A D I N G 
Eat, Pray, Love (This book was collecting dust on my shelf in my old bedroom. I wasn't able to bring books with me when I moved to Australia. During one of my trips back, I grabbed it and brought it back with me. I find it tough to read though. There are too many feelings and thoughts that I can totally relate to. It's hitting me right in the face. And... Let's not even go there. Soooo, moving on...)

W R I T I N G 
notes for my final tutorial! Woohoo!
things to do for next week on my planner

Lany and Culture Code (Obsessed with this two!)


T H I N K I N G 
portfolio ideas, concepts for the shoot

S M E L L I N G 
my oven-baked chicken and currently-in-the-oven vegetables

safe pregnancy and healthy delivery for my friend! Congratulations, you two! (This was last week's news but this was the first thought in my mind.)

 photo themojicas.jpg

for another Speedy Gonzales week!

black pj's with white dots print, orange tank top and teal hoodie

My Secret Romance (I am in the mood for watching Asian series lately...)

Princess Hours Thailand (I was crazy for the original, Korean version back in college. I still feel kilig whenever I see random clips or replay of the show! I didn't know that there was a Thai remake of the show until I saw a trailer clip in YouTube recently. Initially, I didn't like the lead actor. But he grew on me.)

Game of Thrones trailer (and House of Cards, as well!)

a vacation! I already booked two trips though: one in October and one in December. I. CAN'T. WAIT!
champorado (My brother made me one last night but we finished it already.)

 photo champorado.jpg

a stellar portfolio for my final project and for my (planned) scholarship application

tired (finished most of my house chores today) and overwhelmed (there are too many things to do and to think about in my head at the moment)

C L I C K I N G 
10-step Korean Skincare Routine (I discovered this only recently, while I was researching further about my hormonal issue. I am binge-reading and binge-watching these past few weeks about the process, the products and ingredients specific for my skin that I should go for and the reviews from people who have been doing this. Hence, I decided to give it a try and ordered a few items last Friday night. Can't wait to receive my package!)

If you want to know more about this, click on the following:
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